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Looking for effective videography solutions for your small business, creative project or event? Get in touch today! Steve Milligan Videography is based in Cheshire, UK, offering video solutions across the Midlands and North-West.

Whether you're looking for video content to promote a product or business, putting together a music video for your band's newest release, or capturing an event video for promotion or posterity, we aim to provide a full videography service from start to finish. Whatever your needs may be, we can take the lead on all aspects of planning and production of your project, implementing video, motion graphics, colour grading and sound design as required and delivering the finished product to suit your time scale.

No matter what your videography requirements are, we can arrange a free consultation either over the phone or in person, so get in touch today.

Here's how it goes...

Stage 1: The Big Idea

Whether you know exactly what you want, or you’ve got no idea at all, I can help and take on every aspect of idea generation when devising your video.  I can advise you on the most effective strategy to suit your needs, completing all planning and scripting as necessary.

Stage 2: The Shoot

I’ll handle the whole production, providing the knowledge, skill and equipment to put into action everything that we’ve planned.  I’ll work towards the deadlines, budget and specifications that you set during the planning phase, making production a breeze for you.

Stage 3: Shape It

With production complete, I take everything we’ve worked on and mould it into a professional video with all the bells and whistles, including sound design, music and motion graphics as necessary.

Stage 4: Deliver

The finished edit is now delivered in a high-quality format directly to your inbox.  From here I can offer advice on reaching your audience with your shiny new video, and strategise your future productions.

Let's get started on your project!

What can I make?

Corporate Video

Corporate video can help you deliver an idea in a fashion that is both engaging and informative, and has become a must-have for businesses of all sizes.  Video has proven to be the most engaging form of content across social media channels, enabling your screen-scrolling audience to digest your message far more efficiently than with text and still images alone.


But social media videos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corporate video; internally, video has become the most cost-effective way to deliver important information to employees.  This could be in the form of anything from relaying health and safety policy, delivering facility tours to new starters, to training employees on company procedures, software, and equipment.


For any information or message that your business needs to convey, all studies show that corporate video is by far the most effective and efficient delivery method.

Product Video

The right promotional product video can be the difference between success and failure, no matter what the product.  So many ingenious and potentially iconic designs have been left by the wayside simply due to mistakes made in the marketing process; undoubtedly in this day and age, not leveraging strong product video marketing for your newest venture is probably the biggest mistake you can make.


A well-produced product video not only enables you to manipulate the environment and the ethos around your product, but also allows you to properly demonstrate its uses and aesthetic in an engaging and efficient manner.  And having a product video prepared at launch is vital when considering social media promotion, with video being the most engaging content available to you.

Event Video

The easiest, most engaging way to promote or document any event is with video.  Capturing an event video will add a huge lifespan to your countless hours of preparation work by providing potentially hours of content for you to use across your social media channels for years to come.


What’s more, having footage showing potential guests what they can expect is a surefire way to improve attendance by selling demonstrating the benefits and telling them everything that they need to know in an engaging, digestible manner.


On a more personal note, an event video is the perfect way to capture moments that you may otherwise miss or forget.  Giving your team, or just your family and friends, a video of a public or private event to look back on will spark and enrich fond memories more so than still photographs and passing conversations alone ever could.

Property Video

In the US, real estate agents have been utilising property videos heavily over the last few years, particularly for unique and high-end properties.  In the UK, however, estate agents instead usually just opt for virtual tours. Unfortunately, this misses the point of what a property video is actually for.


By using virtual tours, you neglect a vital opportunity to orchestrate the feel of the property.  Your priority should always be to encourage in-person viewings, where a skilled agent can highlight the real story of the property’s merits and potential.  While with a virtual tour you give the illusion of full-disclosure to potential buyers, a property video will allow you to demonstrate the true atmosphere of the place, creating intrigue and anticipation for an actual visit.


With potential buyers now interested, you’ll get the face-to-face interactions that you need to make a sale.  When properly utilised, a good property video should be seen as a movie trailer; while the virtual tour gives everything away and spoils any surprises, a video will give just enough away draw people in and get them excited to take a look around for themselves.

Music Video

It’s never been as easy as it is today to publish a music video for your band, and particularly for unsigned artists, the benefits can be staggering.  YouTube has become one of the most popular ways for fans to share and discover new music; it’s not enough anymore to simply upload your tracks with a still image as a video.  Certainly not if you are hoping to grow real intrigue and engagement.


We’re at a point now where the music can often be secondary to the content of the video, particularly in terms of aiming to trend and go viral.  Luckily, actually having a music video made on an achievable budget is more possible than ever before.  Not only do you not need to get past the gatekeepers of broadcast television to be seen anymore, a music video that used to cost tens of thousands of pounds can be available to you for the same production cost as your last 3-track EP.


And as has always been the case, a music video is vital for demonstrating your brand, appeal and presence to promoters and industry representatives.  Not only that but with video being the most popular aspect of social media, a music video any other promotional videos around it will prove to be an effective way to sell tickets to your live shows, giving you more time to get on with the real work of performing.

Creative Arts Video

It’s not just music videos that have benefitted from the internet age; it’s now possible to share your art with a worldwide audience no matter what it is.  While stage shows dissipate in the mind as the curtains close, any performance can be arranged and immortalised when utilising video.


Michael Lee did this beautifully with the cinematic video for his poem “Pass On”, and Pilobolus have captured many of their dances that would otherwise have had such a limited audience.  Instead, creative video has not only preserved and added new dimensions to their work, but it broadened the scope of their art to ensnare the attention and aspirations of people who otherwise may never have gone looking for it.


As an individual or a collective - no matter what the art form - having a professionally produced video portfolio of your creative art pieces rather than the usual shaky camcorder footage will give you a very strong head-start in the highly competitive creative arts world.

What skills can I offer?

Looking to outsource a gap in your team's skillset?  Or perhaps your project is just in need of a single service?  Here are all of the skills that I can offer you.

Idea Generation
Script Writing
Video Editing
Sound Editing
Camera Operation
Voice Over
Motion Graphics
Product Photography

Where will I work?

As a video production professional based in Cheshire, I operate throughout all towns in the surrounding area, including:



Bollington, Chester, Congleton, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Frodsham, Handforth, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Middlewich, Nantwich, Neston, Northwich, Poynton, Runcorn, Saltney, Sandbach, Warrington, Widnes, Wilmslow, Winsford.



Biddulph, Burntwood, Burslem, Burton-on-Trent, Cannock, Cheadle, Eccleshall, Fazeley, Fenton, Hanley, Hednesford, Kidsgrove, Leek, Lichfield, Longton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Rugeley, Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent, Stone, Tamworth, Tunstall, Uttoxeter.


I also work further afield in Manchester, Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, and anywhere in between.  As well as all this, I'm always open to international offers if your project can benefit from someone with a deep skill set in video production.

Whatever you need, I've got you covered. Let's go.