Endon Hall Primary & Nursery School

About the Client Endon Hall Primary & Nursery School sits just inside the picturesque Staffordshire Moorlands at the heart of the community of Endon. The local parents rely on the outstanding service that the school provides for their children, not only imparting the national curriculum to great effect but also instilling the importance of kindness, curiosity and critical thought. As such the care that they provide is invaluable, and extends beyond the school day into a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. It’s a fantastic school, brimming with joy and warmth, very happy children and staff that truly care about the improvement and well-being of their pupils. The Situation As good as Endon Hall is, they are in a competitive area with many other schools within a two mile radius, and to continue all of the good work that they do they needed to ensure that their admissions remained at a healthy level to justify the extensive array of extra-curricular activities and extended care that they offer. Mrs. Lewis, the head, wanted a video they would be able to share with parents, governors and the wider community that demonstrated the ethos of the school, the positive attitude of the children and […]
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The Secret Granary

About the Client Veronika owns and operates the Secret Granary, an artisanal bakery and gelatiere that prides itself on all-natural ingredients for a feel and flavour like no other.  It’s a small business offering a bold experience that the larger chains cannot match.  All of her goods are homemade, from traditional breads and sweets to custom coffee blends brewed to perfection in her quaint, beautifully decorated horse box cafe. The Situation Following a successful summer’s trading, Veronica decided to more her horse box to a busier location in a new town for a relaunch, and needed to promote the move in a bold but cost-effective way.  Old customers needed to know where she was, and new customers needed to know what the Secret Granary was all about.  Given that her main point of contact with customers was via social media, she reached out to me hoping to create a video that would put the message across for her in as captivating a way as possible. My Solution Upon meeting Veronika, it was clear to me that as important as the quality of her products were, the most unique aspect of her brand was her.  As such, we decided to create […]
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