Queen Cult – Shindigger


About the Client

Queen Cult are a genre-splitting female-led three-piece band based in Macclesfield, whose creative diversity is matched only by their attitudinal live performances that manage to be large and impactful while maintaining a personable and intimate feel. Their debut single “Shindigger” was featured in Spotify’s coveted “Hot new bands” playlist, and they are consistently receiving coveted radio airtime around the UK.

The Situation

With the upcoming remastering and re-release of their single, the band wanted a professional cinematic video to tell the story of the song. It needed to capture the energy of their performances while adhering to a loose narrative, but the whole production had to be tightly timed and orchestrated in order to remain within their budget.

My Solution

Working on the premise of a night out that ends in a brief violent altercation, I needed to find the best way to achieve a high standard of production while removing as many bells and whistles as possible in order to reduce production time.

To do this, we orchestrated three shoots; The first, a white-room studio shoot that we could cut back and forth from. This would capture the live energy of the band, allowing a new audience to see the sort of show they would be in for at a Queen Cult gig.

The second shoot would have to be a run-and-gun affair, for which we planned a general route around various establishments around town, gaining necessary permission from the business owners and then travelling from place to place to tell the story of a messy night out. The guerilla aspect very much lent to the aesthetic of this, creating a fast-paced montage as the band worked their way through town, produced with a single camera and a small portable lighting setup.

The final shoot would be in a controlled environment, dressing a small space as a nightclub and employing fans of the band to act as extras. Because we used a controlled setting for this section it allowed for more attention to detail and no disruption of the filming, ensuring that we could get all of the shots we needed to complete the narrative without budgeting for expensive time in actual club/bar environments.

The finished video darts between timelines, showing the escalation of events, the gradual intoxication of the group and final result of the altercation on which the song is based, all sewn together with the live performance shoot in the white room. All in all the production choices made ensured that the project would come together quickly and come in under budget to boot.