Who’s Steve?

The Short Answer

• Videographer with over a decade of experience.

• Holder of both Post-graduate and Masters degrees in film theory and production.

• Well-versed in B2B and B2C marketing.

• Skilled storyteller, working with business owners and artists.

• Loves what he does.

The Long Answer

My name’s Steve.  I love making videos. 

I’ve been shooting and editing videos since I was 15.  Back then, some of them were awesome.  Most of them were not.  But every time I made something I got more engrossed in the medium, to the point now where it’s all I do… and I love it.

I studied film theory at Manchester Metropolitan University, and went on to earn a Masters Degree at Staffordshire University for Film Production.  I never had a real plan for any of this; I had no aspirations to be a filmmaker or work in a TV studio.  I just wanted to make better videos, and learn from people who wanted the same thing.  I loved the idea of being able to use what I did to give other people a platform for their art and to promote their skillset.

The rest of my twenties were spent kicking my heels in marketing departments – none of whom were interested in making videos – learning about fascinating things like SEO, and A-B testing the best ways to manipulate people into buying things they didn’t need.  On good days it felt like I was able to flex some creative muscles, but on the mostly bad days it seemed I was finding exciting new ways to lie to people.  Copywriters are saints; how they don’t end up going postal every time the clothing season changes is beyond me.

In my last corporate role I was actually hired as a videographer, which in theory was amazing but in practice, not so much.  Corporations are slow and cumbersome, and by the time you’ve said “this should have been a really quick job” for the millionth time as your work is passed to yet another department of busybodies, the marketing department’s former sunlit lagoon of an idea has devolved into a stagnant pond.

All of this has lead me here, working in my own office, helping my own clients to hit their own goals.  There are countless ways to tell a story, but without talking myself up too much I’ve got a knack of finding the style and the through-line that will get your story across to reach the people you need to speak to the most.  I work with entrepreneurs and artists alike, taking their ideas and transforming them into highly effective video content.  This is what all the trials and the pit-falls have lead me to.  The six years of education, the crappy office jobs, the years spent trying to figure out where I was needed; this is everything I wanted.  I just love making videos.